Friday, December 7, 2012

Here is a sample picture of the business cards (or "presentation card" as they call them here) that I am having printed up.  I'll have a thousand of them.  I asked them to show me what a bundle of a thousand looks like and it is pretty big!  I guess I will just pass them out like candy.

Aquí está una foto de muestra de las tarjetas de visita (o "tarjeta de presentación" como los llaman aquí) que estan fabricando para mi.. Voy a tener un millar de ellos. Les pedí que me mostrara lo que es un paquete de mil  y que es bastante grande! Supongo que les salgan como si fueran caramelos.


  1. Greetings from Kevin and Ruth's blog, looking forward to catching up with yours as well. I went to school in Ann Arbor. Me gusta que escribe su blog en ambos idiomas---necesito la práctica!

    1. Hi Dugg, welcome aboard! I don't type the whole thing twice, that would be too much like work! I cut and paste to "google translate" and then proofread and sometimes (usually) make some changes. That is why the English version might sound a bit stilted, because I don't want to use a lot of slang and idiomatic expressions that won't convert very well to Spanish.

  2. I like your attitude, "too much like work" is something I like to avoid as well. Nice business cards, btw.