Sunday, March 13, 2011

in the US

i just crossed the border and am in LAREDO texas.  I THINK i screwed up by not stopping at the mexican vehicle place.  LAST YEAR THEY WERE RIGHT BY THE HIGHWAY AND i had to stop and turn over some documents, but this year they did not ask for anything, did not look at or stamp mypassport or go through any kind od routine concerning the vehicle.  I KEPT THINKING THAT MAYBE THEY WOULD TAKE CARE OF IT FARTHER ALONG AND BEFOR i KNew it I WAS BACK IN THE us.  (sonething is wrong with the capital letters on my computer)

But anyway the only thing the Mexicans did was send a soldier inside to look at the RV.  So I guess when I get back to Michigan I will contact the nearest Mexican consulate and try to get things straightened out.  As far as their records are concerned, I am probably still in Mexico!

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