Sunday, October 31, 2010

Free Lunch Disappointment

The people at the Michoacan House have been telling me all week about the free pozole lunch offer, but today when the time came, there was no free pozole, only one lousy little "chepo" and a cup of atole!

When I told one of the people "Hey, this chepo looks and tastes an awful lot like a tamal"  he said "well, yes, but we use only the youngest and most tender corn."  (Give me a break!)

This thing was pretty small, too--about half the size of any other tamal I've ever had.  But the main thing is that after all those promises--There Was No Pozole!   And I had been telling anyone who would listen, all week, about the friendly and generous folks from Michoacan and their free lunch.  I'm glad nobody that I told about it showed up, though.  It would have been embarassing.

These Mexicans love to play their childish tricks on the poor, innocent tourists! 

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